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Data Center Environmental Security Monitoring and Energy Management System

Archimedes Professional Services

Data center CRAC/CRAH performance analysis and planning, PUE optimization, cooling system enhancement, data center expansion (cabinet power and cooling) analysis and planning, temperature and airflow/air pressure profiling, power usage monitoring and analysis, etc.


Our technology provides a safe and reliable solution to make data centers work for your company’s growth. With our solution, there is no need to worry about temperature fluctuations in your data center’s entire environment.

Reduce Energy Usage More Than 20%

Keep your data center’s power consumption at a minimum while saving over thousands of dollars with our new innovative technology. Our solution is environmentally friendly and still affordable. Save more than 20% energy from your data center

3D Visualizations Real Time Monitoring

By monitoring in-rack conditions with a unique 3D visualization, data center and mission critical facility managers can improve their operational security and effectiveness with no infrastructural change.

Alarm and Warning Notification.

Accurate identification of hot spots, over-cooling and other abnormalities empowered by early warnings, error diagnosis and predictive analysis as well as suggested corrective actions.

Quick Review of Assets

A single click reveals the IT assets information inside each rack for quick identification of impacted servers and equipment.

A150 Data Center Environmental Security Monitoring and Energy Management System

  • Meshed ultra low-power wireless sensor network (LPWSN) architecture and cloud based platform
  • Built-in connectivity redundancy and data backup
  • Optimized for wireless reliability, data speed and power consumption
  • Built-in transmission collision prevention scheme supporting hundreds of sensors simultaneously
  • Maintenance free, ultra long battery operating life over 10 years
  • 3Rs - Reliable, Redundant, Resilient
  • Complete measurements and monitoring for all critical parameters: temperature, humidity, air pressure, airflow speed, air particle sizes of 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0, 10 (microm) and air quality PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10
  • Alarm and warning notification. Histogram and records for compliance and reporting
  • Flexible, scalable, simple installation with no service interruption
  • Low total ownership cost, suitable for owning or System as a Service (SaaS)

Data center CRAC/CRAH performance analysis and planning
PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) optimization
Cooling system enhancement
Data center expansion (cabinet power and cooling) analysis and planning
Temperature and airflow/air pressure profiling
Power usage monitoring and analysis