Security Monitoring System
Intelligent Plug and Play Detection & Alerts

Low-power wireless sensor networks (LPWSN) & cloud-based environmental security monitoring system for industrial and IoT Sensors

Industrial and additional IoT Sensors

A150 Liquid/Fuel Level Monitoring System is a 24x7, real time consumption and reservation management solution for liquid (like water) or fuel (like gasoline or diesel) stored in transport tankers and storage tanks. The system includes liquid/fuel level sensors, data acquisition and gateway controllers, edge server(s) installed with ARCOS™ cloud software with all necessary cloud monitoring, access, alert notification, data archive, users management and analytics software. The edge server is designed for private hosting when desired by customers.

ARCOS™ can be accessed with a secured Internet/Intranet connection using a web browser or a mobile device.
Alerts can be sent to email addresses and/or mobile phone numbers via text messages.

Liquid/Fuel Level and Leak Monitoring

  • Measures and monitors liquid and fuel (water, gasoline and diesel) level for consumption and leak in a tank or a storage
  • Measures every 15 seconds automatically
  • Tank or storage height: 0 to 5,000 mm (0 – 5 m)
  • Measurement resolution: 2.0 mm level change
  • Measurement accuracy: < 1% of full scale
  • Temperature compensated measurements for improved accuracy
  • Operating Temperature: -20 C to +60 C
  • Suitable for transport trucks and storage tanks

System Technical Specifications

  • Used with A150 Gateway/Controller, maximum 4 Liquid/Fuel Level sensors per Gateway/Controller
  • Networking: WiFi, Ethernet (PoE), 4G cellular data modem
  • Power: 12V battery backup, AC/DC adapter, PoE, solar
  • Operating Environment: -20 C to +60 C

ARCOS Cloud Services

  • Remote monitoring via ARCOS cloud services or private server
  • Pre-set alert trigger levels. Alerts are sent via emails and/or text messages
  • View and search current and historic data
  • Archived data and historic warnings for operation analysis and improvement
  • Warns user when water leak is detected or liquid level is dropped by pre-determined amount due to leak or usage
  • Built-in analytics tool for custom reports and anomaly detection
  • Supports IP security cameras