Data Centers

Low-power wireless sensor networks (LPWSN) & cloud-based environmental security monitoring system for data centers

Hybrid Cloud Data Center/IT Infrastructure Management System & Services for CIOs, Cloud Data Center and Co-Lo Providers

The Big Picture

Mission critical data to any business must be in a trusted cloud regardless if it is a public cloud, a private cloud, in co-lo/carrier hotels or with hybrid IT infrastructures. High availability with 5 9’s reliability is a key consideration when making a public or private, co-lo or cloud, centralized or distributed cloud service decision.

The rising popularity of edge and FOG computing is due to the expected increase (50%) of data that will go to the edge. This is forcing the changes in cloud and data center architectures. Technologies such as AI, ML, 3D, VR, 4K/8 K videos, image recognition, cyber and physical security, digital healthcare and IoT when pushed onto the edge and interacting with real time data and latency sensitive applications causes architectures for cloud, data centers and server farms to migrate from fixed public or private to a hybrid of public/private co-lo, micro and edge data centers.

A mix of:

  • Public cloud (AWS, Azure…etc.)
  • Private cloud and PC providers (Rackspace, VMware, traditional IT centers etc.)
  • Colocations /carrier hotels (Digital Realty, Equinix, Quest, QTS, etc.)
  • Commercial micro - data centers (department stores, retailers, global factories agriculture, multi- national enterprises, etc.)
  • Edge data centers (healthcare facilities, clinics, real time security video, etc.)
  • IoT devices and smart city application especially with new 5G deployment where visibility, monitoring and control are key requirements.

Cloud/IT Infrastructure Drivers:

Hybrid cloud and hybrid IT deployments are happening now - 28% of an IT budget is spent on hybrid IT and the industry is expecting 50 % of all data will reside on hybrid cloud/IT.

Infrastructural visibility, transparency and control down to cabinet and shelf levels accurately are critical aspects for managing hybrid cloud and IT infrastructure not only for CIOs and ITs but also for data center and co-lo operators.

Monitoring and management required to achieve five 9s uptime, 24x7x365 SLA are also key market drivers for competitive advantages for cloud providers, DCs and colos.

IT management and CIOs need to develop a strategic plan maximizing levels of transparency, visibility and control. They need to deploy an integrated management platform which supports application layer, infrastructure layer, vendor SLA management, analytics tools, along with incident reporting/ responses. Additionally the need to de-risk other aspects will require a disaster recovery plan, life cycle accounting of legacy and infrastructure devices, and operational efficiency reporting. Another challenge is the need to consider future-proofing designs as well as centralizing virtual and on- premise environments into this management platform.

Environmental deployment considerations and expansion are also important aspects that require consideration in the future architectures plan.

Data centers and co-los need to provide fully integrated cloud solutions, rather than a single point solution. This allows supporting elastic cloud platforms for enterprises with dynamic bandwidth and capacity requirements. (i.e. big data analytics providers, online shopping, etc.)

How Archimedes Controls Can Help Everyone In This New Paradigm:

What we do – We provide an infrastructural and environmental monitoring, management and control service and systems. Our solution can address all markets discussed including hybrid cloud and hybrid IT. This allows operators to provide consistency, security and compliance requirements with full control and visibility across the entire hybrid cloud and IT infrastructure.

How we do it – We are providing cabinet/shelf/server level environmental transparency, visibility and control to business CIOs, government regulators, and IT teams managing a hybrid of co-lo, public and private cloud, edge and micro data centers. We enable all this for security assurance and down time prevention.

Archimedes’ Systems and Services Features the Following:

  • Internal customer-centric data center management and control
  • Bundled with co-lo services for enterprise CIOs and IT management with global presence and remote sites and facilities
  • Hyper-scale cloud and IT infrastructure
  • Un-manned remote IT closets and micro data centers
  • Distributed server farms
  • 24 x 7 x 365 real time monitoring and control for peace of mind to prevent potential downtime, and secure all environmental aspects across hybrid cloud, co-lo and IT.