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Supermicro and Archimedes Offer IoT Solution - October 2023


Supermicro paired with Archimedes Controls to provide turn-key facility management systems that help reduce downtime and operating expenses of IT/computing environments. These systems provide monitoring utility in any location, whether co-lo, cloud, edge, micro, or enterprise, and provide end-to-end monitoring and control of energy and environment for any space or asset. With its Archimedes 100% wireless sensors and Supermicro’s preconditioned servers, these solutions can be installed in almost any environment and quantity, allowing for high granularity of data and, even more importantly, higher fidelity in building automation and control.

As a result, Supermicro and Archimedes Control’s joint offerings are increasing in popularity in data centers and used in industrial automation, agriculture, food storage, healthcare, transportation, and more.

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A300 Satellite IoT CPE: Archimedes Controls Corp. Launches Revolutionary Satellite IoT CPE– June 20, 2023

  • LEO Satellite Powered Remote IoT Solutions
  • Connecting IoT Gateways and Sensors via LEO Satellites
  • Sending Alarms and SOS Emergency Messages Through LEO Satellites Globally
  • National Strategic Fuel Reserve
  • Global Assets Monitoring
  • Monitoring and Security Tracking in Desert, Mountains and Ocean
  • Granary Monitoring and Food Safety
  • Global Emergency Alert and Notification
  • Cloud Access from Anywhere, Receive IoT Data, Alerts
  • Satellite-Backed Network Connections
  • Supported by Cloud-Based ARCOS™ IoT Management Platform
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    Archimedes Controls attends Sensors Converge 2023 and will show showcase its newest product addition – June 20-22, 2023

    Discover the future at the only event where the building blocks of IoT converge - sensors, processing, and connectivity. Join the sensors and electronics community this June 20-22 at the ONLY event covering the biggest design engineering trends. From enabling innovation, to process design & control development, to transforming markets, Sensors Converge covers technologies and applications that can help you design smarter systems/IoT devices in a sustainable economy.

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    Archimedes Controls attends Smart City Expo – May 17-18, 2023

    Smart City Expo, the premier technology event for the Bay Area! Co-located with IOT Tech Expo, this annual event has been showcasing the latest in cutting-edge technology since 2017. With high exposure and unparalleled networking opportunities, this is the event to attend for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and urban development.

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    A small size, energy harvesting, long distance wireless AC sensor module. The sensor module includes an electromagnetic energy harvesting method that supplies and manages power to the sensor. Therefore, the sensor module does not rely on wired power or battery to run. The sensor also includes a low power wireless transmitter that has transmission frequency of sub-1 GHz and effective transfer distance of more than 100 meters, more than 150 meters, more than 200 meters and up to 250 meters. It has small size preferably having a size of less than 68 mm long by 33 mm wide by 21 mm thick, less than 50 grams. Thanks to the wireless and energy harvesting features, the sensor is very easy to install. Users just need to clamp sensors to the subject electrical lines, and then the data will be sent to data gateways automatically.

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    Archimedes Controls named as an emerging player in the Global Wireless Sensor Network Market report.

    Global Wireless Sensor Network Market accounted for US$ 46.76 billion in 2020 and is estimated to be US$ 225.58 billion by 2030 and is anticipated to register a CAGR of 17.2%. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are a new type of wireless network that is quickly gaining traction in both civilian and military applications.

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    Energy Harvesting Design Techniques in Wireless Sensors for IIOT, Manufacturing and Environmental Sensing

    This session will use a top-down approach to discuss how to derive a system architecture and design specifications from marketing requirements; how to ensure all technical challenges, feasibility, manufacturing cost and development time are addressed at all levels; how to design a POC and minimize potential technical roadblocks; and how to assess manufacturability and product cost including DFx. This session will also introduce some of the low power, energy harvesting, wireless IoT and industrial sensor and system design techniques.

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    Archimedes Controls Recognized as Top 20 Most Promising Data Center Solution - 2019

    Archimedes Controls Recognized as a Top 20 Most Promising Data Center Solution Providers – 2019.

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    Archimedes Controls Recognized as a Top Data Center Networking Solution Provider

    Archimedes Controls Recognized as a Top Data Center Networking Solution Provider – 2017.

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