Digital Healthcare Security

Thermal Face Temperature Monitoring System

Main Applications of the A5

  • AI-based human face temperature measurement system using thermal imaging and deep learning technologies for rapid face temperature screening to help fight COVD-19.
  • Measures human face temperature quickly and accurately in business and commercial settings to minimize potential transmission of coronavirus.
  • Indicates and alerts when elevated forehead temperature is measured.
  • Identifies whether a facemask is on.
  • Plug and play, easy installation and operation.
  • Sends alert notification emails and/or mobile SMS along with pictures.
  • Sends backup records at scheduled frequency.
  • Built-in speaker and microphone for voice alert and communication.
  • Various bases and mounting gears available – desktop, turnable, floor stand and wall mount, etc.

Key Features of the A5 Thermal Face Temperature Monitoring System

  • Easy to Use - Plug and play for receptionist area to quickly identify employees and visitors with elevated face temperature.
  • Various bases and mounting gears for any type of environment settings.
  • Deep Learning Face Recognition – for identifying employees and pre-registered visitors quickly. Supports up to 10,000 face detection comparison library.
  • Alerts and Notifications - Real time normal and fever alerts. Elevated temperature data are sent via emails and/or SMS long with pictures.
  • Data Backup – Sends recorded data at scheduled frequency to user designated file servers.
  • ARCOS – A cloud-based management tool for remote data access, recording and archiving, warning notification at pre-determined thresholds.
  • Power – Powered by 12VDC adapter. Optional battery package available for non-interrupted operations during power outage.
  • Data Storage – 2 GB RAM and 16GB Flash memory.
  • Imaging Sensors – Dual lens RGB + IR camera. 2.0 megapixel + 1.3 megapixel.
  • Door Lock/Unlock Function – Used to lock/unlock entrance door system based on the combination of face recognition, face temperature measurement, and NFC access card (13.56MHz). NFC reader/writer is included.

Data from the base-stations are accessible on ARCOS™ cloud-software (desktop and mobile).

Digital Healthcare Monitoring System

Low-power wireless sensor networks (LPWSN) & cloud-based environmental security monitoring system for digital hospitals and healthcare IoT

The types of medical sensors we provide aggregation control along with our Arcos Management Software Suite.

  • EKG, optical oxygen saturation, blood pressure, body temperature, etc. for ICU monitors.
  • ICU patient monitor
  • Battery operated ultra-low power sensors for 10 years of operation
  • 9-Axis Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer for positioning.
  • Ultrasound sensors.
  • Body muscle movement sensor
  • RFID, NFC readers and tags for identification and proximity sensing.
  • Ultra low power wired and wireless sensor transmitters and receivers.